News Updates

* TS AGMarketing e-Licence online Application is launching by Hon'ble Minister of Agr.Marketing Sri T.Harish Rao Garu on 3rd December 2017.       * Traning will be held from 03-12-2017 to 12-12-2017.


A separate Department of Marketing was established from the Agriculture Department to enforce the provisions of the Agricultural Produce Markets Act and other schemes of the Department. The Commissioner Director of Marketing is the Head of the Department. It is under the administrative control of the Agriculture and Cooperation Department. Every district is headed by an Assistant Director of Marketing functioning as a District Officer with regional Joint Directors and Deputy Directors of Marketing in the State. All the field Officers supervise and monitor the enforcement and implementation of the provisions of the Telangana through the Agricultural Market Committees in the State and other programs of the Department

The State AGMarketing online system addresses the challenges by creating a unified market through online trading platform both at State and District level and promotes uniformity, streamlining of procedures across the integrated markets, removes information asymmetry between buyers and sellers and promotes real time prices, based on actual demand and supply.